June 26, 2012

Project Glass: Let Google turn you into an Omnipotent God!

Watch this "concept" video and you'll see what I mean. Good to know Google will one day let me avoid ever having to speak to anyone every again... except for myself.

June 18, 2012

EA, Wooga pulling games from Google Plus | Joystiq

EA, Wooga pulling games from Google Plus | Joystiq'via Blog this'

Looks like the faithless are scrambling for their pieces of silver. God forgives, Nerds don't...

Actually, the user drought that G+ has been weathering patiently seems to be catching up with them finally. These developers, as Judas-like as they may be, are noticing just as easily as we are that while G+ may boast a large user base, most of those people abandoned it in the first few months and sailed back to the homeland of Facebook. No users means no playing games, and if no one plays the games, well... I don't even know what that means, its too scary a conclusion to think about. Is this a dreaded sign of things to come? Google Games is needed now more than ever!