October 30, 2012

In Google We Trust...

My friends, fellow free men and women, I have news for you... Voting does matter, and yes, things can change. You may think me naive or foolish, and thats ok, because I think you are a traitor if you don't vote. Its my extreme point of view, but what can I say, I grew up in the 90s, I freaking love extreme. Its not my intention to offend, if you have a solid, principled reason why you are abstaining from voting then I say good for you. For example, if you truly do not believe in any of the candidates, major or minor, etc.

However, most folk I know who aren't voting will whine and moan about the government, express an endless amount of uninformed opinions, pick and choose winners and losers, etc., but when asked who are they voting for, they openly admit they didn't register and moan about it being too much of a hassle or, even worse, how nothing will change. That is lame.

My friends, voting is NOT hard. Its basically a 20 minute chore you do every 2 to 4 years. If you believe in the principles and the value of Democracy, YOU VOTE! Thats what Democracy means! LITERALLY! If you are upset that the politicians don't listen to your opinions, thats because your vote is your opinion, and if you are upset that your vote is going to get washed out in the stream of 300 million other votes, I got news for you, thats what your opinion is worth, just a drop in the bucket. You don't vote because it works, you vote because you are free, and free men and women have this right that is unquestioned and inalienable.

If you need info on the platforms, the polls, the trends, the latest news, the location of your voting station, etc., Google has once again come to the rescue with its Voter Information Tool. A load of nifty widgets and stuff to help inform your choice.

So, man-up, woman-up, or tranny-up and go vote!

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October 25, 2012

The Google Doc Saints

Direct from the Official Chrome Blog, also off of my computer, comes automatic icons to open your various Google Drive word editors. At the moment you have Docs, Sheets, and Slides. With the kinks pretty much worked out of Offline Docs, the Drive has become a hot ticket. In fact, I feel its finally begun to live up to its promise to oust Microsoft Word as the unchallenged word processing champion. Sure, Open Office has been around and Libre Office was there too, but both were merely clones of Word proper. Than again, there's not much innovation  in word processing is there, right.

Wrong, stupid!  Google did it by making Google Docs a Cloud application. No longer will students have to lug around those heavy Flash Drives and hope the .DOC or .DOCX version is up to date. The Drive gives us our book-reports and term papers on the web, accessible anywhere, anytime, even the phone. Another great advance thanks to the growing essential power of the cloud barons over the software  Luddites. Ha! The barbarians...

One click to Docs, Sheets, and Slides:
Posted by Jonathan Rochelle, Director of Product Management, the Official Chrome Blog

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October 23, 2012

Chromebook sells out in less than 24 hours!!!

Did I call it or what. Everyone that scoffed at the Chromebook and said they didn't see a point  you are now official labeled a DUMBASS. You got no imagination, buddy. I knew, oh yes, the internet and its horsepower are the future, no one would deny that, so why than would you think an internet corvette like this would do anything other than take over like Stalin. Yet, there were hurdles to jump, because every new technology has them, without exception. The key was the cost to the consumer, as it almost always is. The Chromebook promises a cheaper, quicker, smarter solution, but until now it failed on the first one. Now its Three-for-Three. 

Enjoy your Chromebooks. Also enjoy your free 100 Gigabytes of Google Drive as well.

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October 21, 2012

Rollin on Candy Chromebook, now just $250

New Chromebook's best feature: low price

I like the Chromebook, or rather, I like the idea of the Chromebook. Think about it. The vast majority of electronic humanity uses their computers for one thing, internet lolz. So why not make a computer made exclusivity for internet, tearing the expensive guts out of the hardware and slathering a Cloudsource shine on the software, and who better than the unofficial lords and masters of the web, Google. Ideals aside the Chromebook had its issues as the first decent web-based notebook, but I'm glad Big G stuck with the idea, and now they've lowered the cost to $250 on the next Samsung and Google Chromebook. Thats basically tablet bracket, literally actually, the Google Nexus 7 16 GB is around the same cost. This is the kind of move that could actually make the CB worth it to invest in.

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